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Snuggle Back & Side Sleeper Pillow
Snuggle Back & Side Sleeper Pillow
Snuggle Back & Side Sleeper Pillow
Snuggle Back & Side Sleeper Pillow
Snuggle Back & Side Sleeper Pillow
Snuggle Back & Side Sleeper Pillow
Snuggle Back & Side Sleeper Pillow
Snuggle Back & Side Sleeper Pillow
Snuggle Back & Side Sleeper Pillow
Snuggle Back & Side Sleeper Pillow
  • ✅EXPERIENCE UNPARALLELED COMFORT: Your pillow should hug, contour and support your head and neck during the night. Our adjustable 3-layered memory foam pillow is curved to contour to your natural shoulders shape and improve your sleep
  • ✅CUSTOMIZABLE FOR YOUR UNIQUE NEEDS: A soft yet supportive pillow for sleeping on your side or back. We include 3 layers of interlocking memory foam, so you can adjust your pillows height to help achieve the best night’s sleep.
  • ✅REVOLUTIONARY SPINAL ALIGNMENT: Neck and shoulder pain hurts. It disturbs your sleep. Our adjustable pillow flows under your neck and around your natural shoulder curves, offering you more support when you sleep.
  • ✅UNRIVALED PRESSURE RELIEF: Experience the bliss of pain-free sleep. Our pillows feature advanced pressure-relieving technology that alleviates stress on your neck and shoulders, helping you relax and unwind for a truly restorative night's sleep.
  • ✅PREMIUM FABRIC: Plush to the touch and elegantly soft. Made from Tencel and certified by OEKO-TEX & CertiPUR-US. This is good for both you and the climate. Stay cool and comfortable all night long.
  • ✅ENHANCED BREATHABILITY AND COOLING: Stay cool and comfortable all night long. Our pillows have patented stay-cool memory foam and 360 mesh that allows for optimal airflow, preventing overheating and ensuring a refreshing sleep environment.

Have you ever wished for a pillow that not only offers ultimate comfort but also supports your unique sleeping position and helps alleviate neck and shoulder pain? The Sleepnitez Snuggle Back and Side Sleeper Pillow is just that!

Featuring three luxurious layers of memory foam, this pillow provides optimal support by conforming to your specific shape, offering personalized comfort for a restful sleep. It is not just a pillow; it's a solution for back sleepers and side sleepers who crave the perfect balance of support and softness. You'll find yourself falling asleep quicker, staying asleep longer, and waking up feeling revitalized and free from morning aches and pains.

The pillow is ingeniously designed with a front curved contour that delivers extra support to your neck, taking the pressure off your spine. This design not only enhances comfort but also promotes correct spinal alignment - a key factor in preventing neck and back pain.

That's not all! The pillow comes with an adjustable loft feature, allowing you to modify the height according to your unique comfort needs. This means whether you prefer a higher or lower pillow, you can easily find the perfect loft to maintain a neutral spinal alignment, eliminating the risk of waking up with discomfort.

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This really works

I've been using my pillow for several months now; I don't want to be without it. It really does align my body into a better postion. I have lower back issues; this pillow has helped a lot. I use it with the full 3 pillow sections. I highly recommend this pillow. One small problem; it's a bear to put the cover back on after washing; a real wrestling match.

Highly Adjustable!

I love that I can adjust the height of this pillow to meet my comfort needs. It's perfect for anyone who needs a customizable sleep solution.


Very comfortable with good support, no neck pain at all. The perfect pillow. Highly recommend

Best Pillow for Back Sleepers!

As a back sleeper, this pillow is perfect for me. It supports my neck and keeps my spine aligned. I'm waking up without any back or neck pain.

Very comfy and yet supportive

I've tried many pillows, asearching for one that is supportive and yet comfortable. This one fits the bill! It is high enough that it takes the weight off my shoulder and yet is still very comfortable and plush.